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At the top of the stairs, watching her orgasm


She climbs the hussy, not without knowing what awaits him at the top of the stairs: a beautiful cock already hard as a rock for having admired sensually up those stairs! Arriving at the summit, the lovely brunette takes a scepter in hand and full deposits on the flat end of his tongue. The delicately beautiful brunette is well drawn. These nipples pointing to his sublime little chest. It lays its prey with a mischievous look and sucks languidly. The slut knows how to climb slowly sap! Almost missing oxygen, it removes the glowing rod and shoves it right into the end of her hairless pussy and adorned with a jewel. Her skin is smooth as silk. The thick tail it widens the vagina. It grows small stifled groans from the heart. The male excited and overwhelmed by the sweetness of this saucy no longer knows where to bite. He juggles in uncontrolled euphoria, with the exquisite and delicious pussy of sweet brown throat! The beautiful, dominated, has all its ports without saying words and collect seed of warm gentleman in his throat …

Date: April 17, 2020

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